Connecting Rural Montana to the Future

Fiber Delivers the Future of Broadband Connectivity!

BroadbandMT (formerly The Montana Telecommunications Association) represents the locally-owned, rural telecom / broadband providers of Montana.  Our member companies invest over $100 million every year in telecom CAPEX and OPEX, covering 70% of Montana’s geography.  Montana’s sparse population and vast open spaces create complex and unique challenges when it comes to building out a robust, future-proof telecommunications network.

BroadbandMT members are dedicated to enabling connectivity that strengthens our communities by empowering education, expanding economic opportunity, improving access to health care, and connecting friends and family from Big Sky Country and beyond.  

Learn more about how BroadbandMT and our members are addressing Montana’s unique challenge by browsing our website.  We welcome comments and questions and look forward to hearing from you! 

From our Telcom members: 

As Montana’s rural telecommunications providers, we deliver state-of-the-art digital voice, video, wireless, internet and other telecommunications products and services to approximately 200,000 rural Montanans. We’re overcoming significant challenges of distance and density to improve education, health care, economic opportunity and community bonds in Big Sky Country. 

Providing service to 70 percent of the state’s geography, we are using high performance broadband technology to connect communities all across Big Sky Country.

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Conquering Montana's Divide

Montana's locally owned rural telecommunications companies strengthen our communities by empowering education, expanding economic opportunity, improving access to healthcare, and connecting friends and family.  

In a state celebrated for its wide-open spaces, rural telcoms are investing millions of dollars each year to build out the capacity and connections that will serve future generations of Montanans - because a connected Montana is a stronger Montana! 

Download a full broadband report below.   

State of Rural Boardband in Montana