Rural Education Fund

BroadbandMT's Rural Education Fund supports scholars and scholarship in Montana. Since its inception, the Fund has distributed scholarships to high performing students throughout Montana. In recent years, the Fund altered its giving strategy. In 2017, BroadbandMT established an endowment at Montana Tech. Each year, Montana Tech identifies a scholar in its Business and Information Technology Program to receive a BroadbandMT tuition subsidy contribution.

Additionally, BroadbandMT is developing a rural education stipend program to provide financial assistance to teachers who choose to practice their art in rural communities served by BroadbandMT members. Sometimes it is difficult for Montana’s smaller towns to compete with larger communities for teachers. BroadbandMT hopes its rural education stipend program will help encourage teachers to locate in smaller towns.

Schools, teachers and students are the lifeblood of our society. BroadbandMT is proud to contribute to the welfare of our communities. We deeply appreciate the donations we receive from our members and sponsors!

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