2022 Showcase - Request for Speakers

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Some topic we're looking for:

Management & Administration Network Operations & Engineering
Customer / User Experiences:
Automated customer service, Chat, Apps, etc. 
Fiber Connectors

Sales & Marketing

Wifi solutions for FTTH apps
LEOs  Wireless vs. Wireline

Supply Chain / Labor Issues

Other current, network operations and engineering topics
CEO Panel discusses current telecom operating environment.
ConnectMT and upcoming BEAD
Network Operations



Seminar slots are open to BroadbandMT Associate Members only.  Due to time constraints, not all proposals will be accepted. All proposals will be forwarded to the Showcase Committee for consideration and we will notify you early November if your seminar proposal has been selected or not.

Presentation TimeframeSpeakers are asked to develop a 50-minute presentation. Seminars will be held at the Billings Hotel & Convention Center. We have around 12 seminar slots available. Some presenters may be asked to present their seminar twice if there is demand for the topic.

Speaker Protocols: Presentations should be “sales pitch free” and any company acronyms should be held to a minimum. If it is absolutely necessary to use an acronym, we ask that the speaker accompany the acronym with an immediate translation.  Those who do not follow our “no sales pitch” presentation will not be asked to return the following year as a presenter. It is also very important to remember once we receive your Proposal this is a commitment on your part that there is someone lined up to be a presenter. 

Equipment Provided: A laptop and LCD projector will be provided in each meeting room. Presentations must be brought on a flash drive (this is to avoid unhooking one computer to connect with your personal one). Any other equipment needed is to be provided by you or your company. 

Fees: Those who are NOT already registered for the Showcase will be assessed a $100 registration fee and will have access to all meals, exhibits and meetings.

Propose to Present

Save the Date - Showcase 2023/2024
DoubleTree Billings
January 10-11, 2024