Advertising Opportunities on BroadbandMT's Website

Most of our online advertising opportunities are available during our Events, but we offer special opportunities and pricing March - June!  

  1. Slide Sponsorship: your sponsorship will rotate in the slide show on the home page of our website.  The maximum number of slides rotating will never be more than five.  The sponsor slide will include a link to your website. Size is approximately 980 x 350 pixels.  Price is $400 from March - June or $150/30 days.  

  2. Side Sponsorship: your sponsorship will run on the right side of every page on our website.  Each listing includes a link to your website. Size is approximately 220 x 220 pixels. Number of clicks are tracked (but we cannot track who has clicked).  Price is $200/month.  

Please email us if you are interested!